Revision Weight Loss Surgery

Revision surgery is focused on those patients who are seeking a correction of a bariatric procedure.

Cirugía de Revisión

What is a revision weight loss surgery?

Revision surgery is focused on those patients who are looking for a correction of a previous bariatric procedure that presented some sort of complication, or for those who are considering to improve in some way some previous weight loss surgery.

This type of surgery includes different types of improvements in procedures, such as:

  • Gastric band upgrade to gastric sleeve.
  • Gastric sleeve upgrade to mini-gastric bypass.
  • Gastric bypass upgrade to duodenal switch surgery.
  • And more.


Revision Surgery Prices

  • Laparoscopic surgery improvement (Minimally Invasive). Cost: $499 USD + Cost of the new procedure
  • Open incision surgery upgrade (to minimal invasion). Cost: $899 USD Cost of the new procedure
  • Gastric band surgery upgrade (to minimal invasion). and procedure’s correct execution review. Cost: $799 USD + Endoscopy $300 USD + Cost of the new surgery
  • Gastric bypass surgery upgrade (to minimal invasion). Cost: $799 USD + Cost of the new surgery
  • Open bypass surgery upgrade (to minimal invasion). Cost: $1299 USD + Cost of the new surgery
  • Endoscopy. Cost: $299 USD + Costo de la nueva cirugía*
  • Scan of the upper digestive tract. Cost: $199 USD + Cost of the new surgery
  • Upper digestive tract scan. Cost: $199 USD + Cost of the new surgery
  • Gastric band surgery adjustments (previously performed by other surgeon). Cost: $199 USD + Cost of the new surgery)
  • Hepatitis B & C and HIV (in addition to surgical charges). Cost: $999 + Cost of the new surgery

*The cost of the new surgery will depend on the procedure to choose for the upgrade

In the vast majority of cases, patients who undergo obesity surgery have excellent results. However, some people have unsatisfactory results after bariatric surgery, resulting in regaining the weight they lost, or may even face medical complications. Bariatric revision surgery is an ideal procedure for those patients who may have experienced unsuccessful surgery.

Our specialists will carefully review your medical history and assess your real needs to recommend a surgery that is appropriate for your current condition.


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Frequent questions

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For only USD $ 399 additional to the payment of your bariatric surgery we take care of all the extra details such as:

  • Pick up and return to the San Diego or Tijuana airport before and after the bariatric procedure.
  • Hotel-hospital-hotel transfers.

  • 2 or 3 nights in our hospital, depending on the type of procedure to be performed.
  • 1 night stay in one of the 2 hotels associated with Dr. Rene Armenta for your recovery after surgery.
  • Wi-Fi available at all times for your stay in the hospital and hotel.
  • US cable TV & Netflix in all hospital rooms.
  • Free long distance calls to the US and Canada from the hospital.
  • Includes a companion at no additional charge.
  • You can choose between the Pueblo Amigo hotel or the Quartz Hotel

  • Continuous monitoring of your health status at the hospital.
  • Availability 24 hours a day by the staff of Dr. Rene Armenta.
  • English-speaking interpreter who will assist you when required (for foreign patients).

  • Support with nutritional recommendations for life.
  • Direct communication with Dr. Rene Armenta (via email and telephone) after surgery for follow-up.
  • Access to our private Facebook group for personalized attention and information of interest (constantly updated).
  • Pre and post-operative support in psychological care, to ensure the long-term success of your lifestyle changes.

Quartz Hotel

All tests and procedures are performed in a specialized area of ​​a certified clinic or hospital (depending on the condition or treatment).