Difference between Gastric Sleeve VS Endoscopic Gastroplasty

Surely you’ve already heard about gastric sleeve. Well, both that and endoscopic gastroplasty are procedures for losing weight. However, the latter has gained popularity recently, as it is relatively new.

Below is a table so you can see the main differences of each procedure.

Endoscopic GastroplastyGastric Sleeve
Type of procedureEndoscopy (through the mouth)Laparoscopic surgery
HistoryNew ProcedureMore than 2 Decades, with long-term results.
Stomach functionIntactRemove 70-80% of stomach
Ghrelin stimulation
(hunger hormone)
IntactDecreased Stimulus
Weight Loss20-30% of the Excess Weight70-80% of Excess Weight
Recovery1-3 Days< 1 week
Surgical time60-90 Min30-40 Min
Likely risks
and complications
New procedure
(Perforation and Bleeding)
1-3% (Bleeding and Gastric Leak)
Type of anesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia, Intubation.General Anesthesia, Intubation.
Price5,500-7,000 USD4,000-6,000 USD